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The importance of a responsive design

The responsive web design) is a technical design and website development used to create a site or system that adapts to the size of a user’s screen.

Web design responsive optimizes the user experience at its navigation creating a flexible and adaptive web page, optimized for the tool that is accessed. The web audience has clearly turned to mobile browsing and responsive design proves to be the simplest
way to account for the variety of devices used and thus ensure smooth navigation .
Web users increasingly prefer reading online news across multiple devices ( tablets and smartphones ), web design responsive became therefore increasingly unavoidable.

1. Increase your audience by touching on Internet tablets / smartphones

The increasing use of the web and the proliferation of mobile applications and media tablets have been driving this development. Previously, users were directed to a specific site support (eg a smartphone), but responsive web design allows implement a site on all media. The responsive web design is even more crucial in 2015 as the sales of tablets and smartphones keep on increasing. For those who want to maximize their online content, the responsive design is a must. It allows the inclusion of smaller screens of dimensions to
achieve a unique design.

2. Increase your sales and conversion rates

Another advantage of responsive web design is that it allows a better practice of your Internet navigation since the redirection disappears. The use of Style Sheets (CSS) standardized for all media and unified conceptual approach result in a consistent visualization and ergonomics. This consistency in the practice of the Internet has a
positive impact on your conversion rate since the user already knows navigate and use a site or system on multiple media. The responsive web design exudes certain obstacles posed by the multiplicity of sites in terms of features, performance, and consistency of the
presentation and usability of a website.

3. Consolidate your statistics and reporting

Having a single adaptive site allows you to avoid the monitoring of your visitors , their conversion paths , funnels and redirects between your sites. Today, site analytics tools such as Google Analytics, are optimized in order to manage multiple media and provide an “adaptive ” reporting. All your monitoring and analysis systems will continue to function and the results will be condensed into a single report, facilitating monitoring and analysis.

4. Increasing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Web design responsive lets you manage a single website with a single set of hyperlinks, reducing the time you spend on site maintenance and allowing you to focus on targeting relationships based on a SEO strategy. SEO campaigns can be an important human and financial investment, but thanks to the responsive web design, all your efforts are concentrated on one site, with a strategy and tactics that cover all media. Regarding SEO, what is vital is the content: high quality content, regularly renewed, improves the ranking of your web page. Another advantage of the responsive web design is therefore the fact that fewer resources are “wasted” on the smallest tasks such as duplication of content on multiple sites since the content is inserted only in one site, improving your ranking search engines. In addition, Google claims that adaptive sites optimized for mobile carriers, are at the top of the lists in the localized search¬†results.

5. Save time and money

A major advantage of responsive web design is the fact that this approach takes less time than creating another independent mobile site as traditionally conceived. Tests conducted at multiple sites also increase your cost of development, support and maintenance. Since styles are reused and optimized by carrier, standard methodologies for testing may also be adopted.
Your customers will find a unique site in easier management and maintenance since there will be much less content to manage. In addition, a single management interface can be easily optimized with the use of formatting and workflow tools to manage the exact content or templates that are used for different media. A business logic can then be passed to the General multi-media experience is much improved with a single administration tool.
The responsive web design allows you to be ahead of your competitors. With the growing demand for mobile Internet and mediarich applications, are important consequences to consider: costs of development and maintenance, visibility in search engines, better conversion rates.

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