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1. WordPress has standard features

Although WordPress is meant to be easy and simple to use. For a number of years , the list of characteristics has increased exponentially. The menu and manipulating the media configuration are two good examples of new possibilities without being complicated. WordPress small improvements are what is changing the platform to make it a great CMS for all types of websites, and not just a platform solely dedicated to the blogs.

2. A modern and secure site

Make design a customized theme for a design suitable for all screen sizes. Besides , WordPress enjoy regular updates to ensure safety and innovative features to your site. With these modern technologies, make your brand accessible to all !

3. WordPress is intrinsically very SEO-friendly.

However, with the addition of a couple of plugins, such as Google XML Sitemap and pack All-in- One SEO , you will increase your chances for a SEO worthy if done with discipline and rigor. Add to that how easy it is to use plugins to integrate shares on social networks or simply like .
Powered by an optimized structure for the search engines , your content is quickly referenced. Your pages are visible to all and your business is at the forefront of Google. Coupled with an original and regular content, the SEO of your site becomes unbeatable !

4. Responsive interface

When we see the rapid increase in the use of mobile phones and tablets to internet browsing, it is obvious that sites that do not adapt to it lose much traffic and efficiency. Positive: the WordPress technology does not incorporate flash elements, difficult to read on tablets and smartphones. It uses the “jquery”, which facilitates interactions but also exploitation on mobile devices. Increasingly WordPress themes, even free, also incorporate a technology totally responsive, that is to say, perfectly adapted to all types of receptors: computers, smartphones and tablets. The responsive design actually allows display and ergonomics different depending on the size of the screen used. He therefore put off any users and facilitates site navigation. For professionals, to create a website in 2013 without responsive technology is heresy in view of current and anticipated growth in the use of mobile devices. Using WordPress is an advantage in this area.

5. Ease of use for a company

WordPress is flexible. One of the strongest points of this CMS is its ease of use. Even a web neophyte can use WordPress to change the content of its website. A CMS is a tool to create a website without first going through a phase of “coding”. So any knowledge of HTML / CSS is required to add or edit content, whether images, text or video.
Moreover, WordPress is by far the most intuitive and clearer interface, somewhat similar to Microsoft Word.

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