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We were inspired by design in all its forms, ranging from ancient concepts to the latest NEXT GENERATION trends, and chose the name of the legendary Maori hero, Mataora, which means “living face” in Maori, for our communications agency.

According to the legend, Mataora underwent a series of personal tests and a long odyssey after which he introduced the Ta Moko, the traditional tattoo practice of the Maoris, to the world. It should be understood that, in the Maori culture, the head is considered to be the most sacred part of the body. All high-ranking Maoris were tattooed and tattoos served as a statement to affirm their identities. Moreover, the Ta Moko made warriors more attractive to women. Mataora is an iconic figure in Maori culture equivalent to Hercules in Roman mythology.

What was the reasoning behind the choice?

First and foremost, out of admiration for Maori art and for the famous “Ta Moko” tattoos with their immediately recognizable look. As we thought it over, it became clear that Mataora was himself a designer. We also said that the name of a warrior-artist perfectly matched the robust, creative and tenacious aspect of our company.

Then, as we considered the history of Ta Moko, we realized that this was a design concept that had stood the test of time, winning over people from different cultural backgrounds so that today, countess people all over the world have a Maori tattoo.

For our logo, we had to choose a simple iconographic, which relates to Mataora and the Maori’s culture. After several searches and a few cups of coffee , we chose a man reproducing a movement of Hakka Maori fetching the sun in a style close to a punch goldsmith . Finally , it was enough to add the slogan ” Digital Services for Luxury Brands ” as a simple and effective reminder of our core business.

Finally, the die was cast and thanks to the name, Mataora, we were able to give our communications agency a true identity (a living face, if you wish) built on important concepts for us such as culture, discovery, strength, durability, innovation, creativity, timelessness, tenacity, finesse, attractiveness, admiration and dreams.

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