Cheaper freelancing developers, a trap for companies.

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According to a research conducted by Evans Data corp., the Indian web developers in the development sector will exceed 5.2 millions in 2019.

The Indian market for the web development workforce is encouraging more French and Europeans companies to resort to outsourcing for the designing of their websites.

Indeed, compared to the Americans or French workforce, competition in pricing is more present among the Indian developers.

Thus, even if the Indian workforce defies its competitors, the logistics that works in their disfavor should not be ignored.

Hurdles to foresee

Firstly, the language barrier that can arise when outsourcing to Indian countries might be a problem. Certainly, it is harder to express ideas and thoughts when communicating with people who do not share our natal language.

The different time zones in which the companies operate in can also be a communication obstacle. As much as it is hard to work with companies more than 7000 km away, it is essential to come up with measures to deal with the time zones so as to be more effective. Companies should also take into consideration that the delivery of their website can be delayed due to the disparity in distance. Furthermore, because of the different culture in India, the constant public holidays also reduces the amount of workdays that is spent working on the websites.

Consequences to be considered.

The developers choose an advanced remuneration based on a weekly payment system. It is therefore not a surprise for companies to witness the delay in obtaining their website.

During the first week, they respond to your objectives and accomplish your recommendations. Thus, gradually, they tend to forget your instructions, which results in you paying for a work not properly done,and which require some additional working hours.

Point to ponder upon: how do you get your website back if your service provider vanishes without delivering your work?

There are however common aspects in freelancing, whether local or abroad.

When seeking for a freelancer, the company confides its work to only one person. Nevertheless, it is hard to bea web developer and a designer at the same time. Consequently, freelancers make use of templates, which are pre-made designs from the Internet that do not allow much personalization.

Besides, you are only one of the many clients of the service provider. Hence, the latter has to plan his different projects effectively. For that reason, he cannot provide you with an exact delivery date and it is possible for the initial delays to be exceeded.

All of these elements can consequently increase the budget that the company estimated to design their website at a lower price. It is often the case that companies have to seek other agencies to modify websites previously done.

Why choose agencies for your projects?

In fact, agencies have the ability to provide multi-tasking teams where the more skillful workers carry out each step. You can therefore be assured that you will obtain a website from an experienced workforce.

Likewise, the project leader provides a constant follow-up with the companies so as they are regularly informed of the progression of the project.

Your website is the showcase for your company and its function is to call your customers to action. Hence, choosing your service provider is a vital decision, which will contribute to your success.

Mataora, as a visual and digital communication agency, takes into consideration all of these aspects while working on your visual and digital strategies, and also when working on your website, for a long-term successful image of your company.

Ranked as one of the best communication agency in the African continent by the website « Top Interactives Agencies », our agency puts forward the best digital techniques to create a website equivalent to the values and the identity of your company.

Choose Mataora for its vast experience in the web industry and check our main international collaborations on our website:


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