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Having a website helps in expanding your company’s customer base while reaching more people. Hence, a website design company who has a constant online presence is mechanically successful.

In order to remain competitive, and to evolve with the trends and goals, your company has to be present online on a daily basis. Mataora, as a luxurious communication agency, focuses on various web elements when creating your website so as to reach those objectives and increase your online visibility.

The importance of having a responsive website

Today, the internet connect each and everyone as it is available at all times and is easily accessible on various medias such as smartphones, tablets and even televisions. Hence, to be efficient, your website needs to be responsive which means:

  • Adapting to all screen sizes of different medias
  • A better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Google
  • A bigger customer base

Mataora inevitably makes websites responsive as it forms part of the key elements when creating a website for a company.

Mataora chooses WordPress

Nowadays, WordPress is the most used web designing tool by communication agencies including Mataora as it helps to manage and upload an active website. WordPress also allows you to use the most efficient tool from the Open Source market which is the CMS (Content Managing System).

This free content management platform is the key to have a competent website.

WordPress is a fast engine to employ and offers a real return on investment.

WordPress enables you to have a website which is:

  • Responsive
  • Contemporary and creative
  • Safe
  • Certified
  • According to your brand
  • And with a SEO that measures up to diverse search engines


Do you know the CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

This innovated technology gives the opportunity to connect to your website on a server that is close to its geographical location.

A clone of your site is duplicated on more than 150 servers around the world and divides the transfers burdens and time accessibility of your website. This solution is ideal for magazines, portals, and e-shops. The CDN helps make your shop 3 times faster than usual and this is why Mataora employs this tool of work.


Secure your website with SUCURI security

Everyday millions of websites are hacked around the world. To abate this dilemma, Mataora offers a premium package in partnership with SUCURI. Go for this annual service which will allow you to access your website safely and ensure your online visibility.

Mataora focuses on visual identity.

To boost your brand’s visibility and presence among customers, it is a must to be able to define your visual identity, which should:

  • Be Simple, clear and efficient
  • Convey your individuality and values
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Visual identity acts as a mirror reflection to the image of your company. It must therefore convey an important message as well as the values of your brand. Customers are hugely influenced by your image when doing purchases. Mataora will help you in creating a visual identity of high quality so as to increase your charisma and your return on investment.

Mataora, as a visual and digital communication agency, takes into consideration all of these aspects while working on your visual and digital strategies, and also when working on your website, for a long-term successful image of your company.

Ranked as one of the best communication agency in the African continent by the website « Top Interactives Agencies », our agency puts forward the best digital techniques to create a website equivalent to the values and the identity of your company.

Choose Mataora for its vast experience in the web industry and check our main international collaborations on our website:

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