Being a graphic designer at Mataora.

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Being a graphic designer is a cutting edge profession where one has to wear different hats and face challenges daily. It persistently requires inspiration, creativity and confidence. Here, at Mataora, with big challenges come great satisfaction.  It’s truly fulfilling to see your work comes to life for the world to see.

Working in direct contact with both local and international clients, our designers have the chance to conceptualize their ideas and put their artistic talent and creativity to work. Designing for luxury brands give them the opportunity to create meaningful designs that can be communicated on a visual and intellectual level.

The best aspect of designing at the agency is the working environment. Working in an atmosphere with a tight knit group of people striving towards a common goal is a motivation for our designers. With friendly conversations always flowing around the office, every work is done in a stress-free atmosphere.

During lunch time, we finally got hold of Graphic designer W. to give us his opinion. “Working as a designer is very demanding. With all the various projects we work on, I have the opportunity to discover my own potential; how far can I go and how to improve myself. At the end of the day, it takes more than artistic ability to be a good designer; it takes excellent communication skills to understand and manage our client’s expectations and at Mataora, i get to perfect those skills.”

Our designers have the possibility to meet and work with likeminded and creative people who understand the challenges of the work that they do. At Mataora, with constant creativity and inspiration, our designers’ intelligence is made visible.

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