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You are here to learn and learn you do!

Mataora, as a communication agency offers internship in marketing, communication and graphic design and web development and want you to obtain a far-reaching experience. At the end of the day, without the real experience, no one can really prepare you for the true world of work.

Being part of our empowering and supportive team, you have the opportunity to learn and be part of multiple projects under development. Getting in direct contact with clients or publishing your first professional blog can be scary but working through these fears and learning to take responsibility has a lot of benefits. Not only you will be able to show participation or ownership in important projects, but you’ll also gain confidence in taking up new projects within our communication agency.

Working in an open office is a pivotal change for some and is definitely another perk of interning at Mataora. With your teammates only 2 steps away from you, you can easily develop friendships within the agency. Whether it’s overhearing design debates across the room or chatting with your colleagues over lunch, being part of a small team means you’ll naturally be around every part of the company.

“As a company, the atmosphere is so family-like in the sense that everybody works together and is willing to help one another with anything they need. There is always music flowing in the office along with conversations, ideas and jokes being shared among teammates, it creates a very joyful mood” adds Rusha, a student at the University of Technology of Mauritius, interning in communication at the agency for 4 months. “Being able to finally work in a business environment has allowed me to evaluate the effectiveness of my education.”

Morgane, a student from ISCOM Paris (Institut Supérieur de Communication et Publicité), came all the way from France to intern for 4 months at Mataora in Mauritius. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“On the whole, i’m having a really good internship experience. The best thing about my internship at the agency is the nature of the work and the great, flexible, and diverse colleagues that i got to know. The projects that i get to work on are extremely interesting and rewarding. Moreover, having an internship in another country gives me a new perspective on how communication matters. It definitely is a learning curve to work along-side people from a different culture. Let’s not forget the fact that i also get to live on this gorgeous paradise island for 4 months! I am loving every minute of this amazing opportunity.”

At Mataora, with all the different assignments given, there’s no such thing as regular routine. With every departments collaborating and communicating with one another, you learn new skills every day.

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